Electra Isabel Castillo


Electra fulfilled here primary and secondary school studies in the city of Panama. In 1989, participated in the "1st National Juvenile Panamanian Song Festival" where she let stood out her school name, Instituto Nacional, obtaining the 2nd. place.

She has stand out as instrumentalist (oboe) and singer.  Studied at the National Institute of Music (Conservatory), obtaining a certificate after her 1st Cycle in Voice.  Her oboe maestros have been Efraín Castro and, at present, Juan Castillo, with whom she is finishing her studies.

Has participate in courses and seminars both as instrumentalist or singer and as member of Grupo de Cámara Clarinón, Juvenile Symphony Orchestra, National Association of Concerts Campaments, and other musical institutions.

In 1988, enters the Coro Polifónico de Panamá, under the conduction of the most remembered Mstro. Arnold Walters, being active in the altos section, participating in the Choir's recitals and performances.  Then, receives her first choral conducting master classes from Mstro. Walters batoon, being his direct pupil.

Besides Mstro. Walters, she has taken conducting classes from the hand of German Mstro. Frieder Bernius in 1998, during a master class in choral conducting organized byt the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) in Namur, Belgium, and from Finish Mstro. Kari Ala-Pöllänen, in 2002, during the 2nd. Workshop-Seminar on Children and Youth Choirs in the city of Guatemala.

In 1994, took the conduction of the Coro Polifónico de Panamá for the first time until March 1995, and after being invited to participate at the Zulia State Symphony Orchestra and the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, both in Venezuela, as first english horn, decides to retake the conduction of the Choir as of October 1997.

On 2000, travels to the city of Cancun, Mexico, to participate at the Assembly of Conductors of the Caribbean and Central America Choral Federation (FCCC, in Spanish) where the first Board was elected, being her elected as board member.

On December 2002, conducts in a gala concert carols of different periods and arias for soloists, choir and chamber orchestra from G. F. Händel's 'The Messiah'

During the Centennial year, participated together with the National Symphony Orchestra at its protocolar acts of commemoration

Was invited in 2004 by the Mozart Chorale Association in San José, Costa Rica, to act as consultant to the organization of Central American music festivals.

Has been guest conductor to the Isthmian Juvenile Orchestra in two ocassions (1999 and 2006) where has involved the Coro Polifónico de Panamá in both ocassions.

At present, besides conducting the Coro Polifónico de Panamá, works as first oboe at the State's Republican Band, as chorus professor to the San Felipe Foundation, and as member of Grupo Experimental Correarte.

Fulfilled the posts of Secretary of Finance to the FCCC and Board Member to the Central American Choral Association (ACCA, in Spanish).  Also, has actively contributed to the artistic organization of protocolar events with different embassies, namely: USA, Colombia, France, Costa Rica, among others).

On the other, was producer and conductor of the programm TRAZOS DE ARTE (lines of art), from July 2004 to June 2005 and which was transmitted by SERTV, Channel 11, (State TV station), which inform citizens what is happening in the artistic and cultural media of our country.

At present, she is a freelance musician and cultural promoter, and works as professor of the Colegio Chino-Panameño.

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